Achilles Tendinopathy Toolkit recently updated and freely available to all on Physiopedia

The Achilles Tendinopathy Toolkit  from the Physical Therapy Knowledge Broker team at the University of British Columbia has been adapted for accessible online publication on Physiopedia and has recently been updated. 

Created in 2012, the Achilles Tendinopathy Toolkit was adapted for online sharing through Physiopedia with the aim of making it more accessible around the world.  Since then, the toolkit has been accessed more than 90,000 times.

The toolkit is designed to help guide both new and experienced clinicians in treating mid-substance Achilles tendinopathy, ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment and advice. It covers clinical evaluation, outcome measures, exercise programmes, and medical and therapy interventions; and gives an overview of the evidence and recommendations

At Physiopedia, we’re pleased to have worked closely with the Physical Therapy Knowledge Broker team to bring this toolkit to the world through the Physiopedia platform. The toolkit has recently been updated with the latest evidence. It’s user-friendly, informative, and comprehensive, with everything you need to know about treating Achilles tendinopathy based on the best available evidence, all in one place.  Even if you’re not a healthcare professional, this toolkit is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about treating and preventing mid-substance Achilles tendinopathy.

So, if you’re a clinician, coach, athlete, or just someone interested in learning more about Achilles tendinopathy, check it out!