Instructor Highlight – Damien Howell

We have over 95 course instructors and Damien Howell is the latest addition to the team. 

Here at Physioplus HQ we are passionate about lifelong learning, connecting professionals together and making sure healthcare professionals have access to the education they need to best serve their local population. We make sure these fundamental values align with our course instructors which is why we are happy to partner with Damien Howell in a new series of course which focus on 2D video gait analysis.

Skills & Opportunity Through Collaboration With P+

We make sure that our course instructors are involved during each step of the course creation process. It’s through this collaborative approach that we make sure evidence is accurate, content is high quality and the personality of the instructor remains at the heart of all of our courses. Damien was impressed by this and really enjoyed his interaction with the Physioplus team which was made richer by the him having an opportunity to learn about the course creation process.

One of the drawers of collaborating with Physioplus is the opportunity to hone and develop presenting skills. Our media team are experts in presenting to the camera and through this feedback Damien has learned new techniques to take forwards into other videos and into presenting face to face. This was especially valuable when an opportunity to present at the Tanzanian Physiotherapy Association Congress in November 2021 arose as a direct result of Damien’s connection with Physioplus.

You can read more about Damien’s courses and why 2D video gait analysis is an important tool to use clinically.