The Key Features You Need To Use To Get The Best Learning Experience From Physioplus (CC, Transcripts, Playback Speed and Chapters)

Physioplus prioritises accessibility and ensures all learning styles are catered for. 

We are continually improving the learning experience of our Physioplus users. Recent improvements have led to more of the physiotherapy community than ever before using Physioplus. At the beginning of the year 128, 000 clinicians use Physioplus as their online learning platform of choice.

Accessibility and customisability are at the core of the Physioplus learning experience and there are many ways to maximise the knowledge and skills you gain from our courses. By watching the video below you will see how to use the features core to maximising your learning opportunity on Physioplus.

Videos – Captions, Speed and Quality

High quality videos are central to the Physioplus learning experience but we know that sometimes internet speed and stability frustrates the opportunity to learn. The same can be said about busy noisy clinics preventing in-depth listening especially when a course instructor is discussing a complex topics at pace.  As we have created our platform with clinicians in mind we have features to overcome these barriers.

Below are still images of Dawn Nunes course ‘Fitting a Running Shoe‘ showing you how to use each feature step-by-step. Once you click on the video presentation by the instructor you will see this video player at the bottom of which contains all of the controls for each feature.

First of all, let’s look at the one labelled CC, which stands for ‘closed captioning’. If you click on that, you can turn on or off the subtitles. By default, we have it turned on, but if you prefer to watch without it, you can turn it off.

Next to it, if you click on the gear icon, you can change video playback speed all the way from half the speed up to double the speed. Great for in-depth listening to complex topics or when language barriers are present.

You can also adjust the video quality on the same section of menu. By default, it will be on ‘auto’ and should adjust according to your internet speed. 1080p is the ideal quality for watching the videos, but if your internet is struggling and the video is lagging, you can choose to sacrifice a bit of video quality for smoother playback by changing the quality.


Moving quickly through courses is important for finding key information quickly but also for those who have limited time to spend on learning activities. We ensure all our videos have chapters which are linked to keywords associated with the learning points throughout each video.

To access the chapter navigation feature look to the right of the gear / cog icon to find a little hamburger menu, this will open up the video chapters. If you are looking to jump to a particular section in the video, then here is where you can find it.

You can also see the chapters displayed on the player bar as little dots. So if you hover over each dot, you can see the name of the chapter.

It’s important to note that every time you move your cursor over the video, the player bar will jump up which means this might cover some of the video display, especially with the subtitles on. Make sure to not move the cursor around when you’re watching the video, unless you need to, and the player bar will disappear. Ideally, move the cursor completely off to the side of the video so that it’s not in the way.

Audio and Transcripts

Each Physioplus course video is also available in the form of an audio file and a written transcript which is great if you have internet bandwidth instability or if you prefer a different way of learning the course material.

To use this feature, on the video page, if you scroll down, you’ll find the audio player so that you can listen to the presentation without playing the video. Note that you can also change the audio playback speed.

Below the audio player, you’ll find the video transcript if you prefer reading instead. The transcript is word for word what the instructor says in the video.

We also have other features to help make your learning experience enjoyable and individual as possible. Features such as trending courses, podcasts, webinars and more mean all of your professional development can take place in one place. There is a reason why Physioplus is trusted by 128, 000 physiotherapists and is the trusted CPD provider of World Physiotherapy.

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