The ReLAB-HS Rehabilitation Resource Repository is Now Available in French and Spanish

Next up: Ukrainian and Russian

The Physiopedia team has been working hard behind the scenes and we have some exciting news for you. The rehabilitation resource repository is now available in both French and Spanish making the resource more accessible to over half a billion people around the world.

We aren’t going to stop there as coming later in the year the repository will also be available in Ukrainian and Russia which will take our accessibility to the next level. Making access to information is part of the Physiopedia mission and the team is super excited to make these translations possible.

Improving Access to Vital Resources

Rehabilitation services are a vital component in maintaining and improving population health, but services are only as good as the workforce delivering them. For the workforce to have the opportunity to provide the very best in patient care, it needs to be educated and supported through access to high-quality, evidence-based resources.

The Resource Repository provides a place where all the excellent resources developed by rehabilitation stakeholders around the world can be stored. 

By improving the discoverability of globally relevant guidelines, manuals and toolkits, more rehabilitation professionals are able to find and use them. This ultimately improves dissemination of knowledge globally, and improves healthcare through the application of digital knowledge. This means better care of patients no matter where they are in the world.

You Can Get Involved – Download as well as Contribute Resources

The repository is a fully searchable web portal available at  It has been designed from the from the ground up to be useful and relevant for  all rehabilitation stakeholders and care providers around the world. This means you can access the repository on mobile devices or a computer and anywhere you have an internet connection.

As well as accessing the site from anywhere you can upload from anywhere too. When uploaded to the site the repository manager will check submissions to ensure the best content is available to be accessed. The resource repository manager will also continue to search for and evaluate new resources in an ongoing effort to keep new resources easily accessible to all.

This work is part of the ReLAB-HS activity and is made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).