Learn Something New for 2022 for Free with Physioplus

Why not start 2022 by trying something new? Get full access to Physioplus free for a week  and see how we can help you achieve your 2022 career goals.

Now that the festive period is over and January is now in full swing it’s time to knuckle down and think about what you want to achieve for your career over the next year. As Rachel Lowe said in her recent 2021 Physioplus review post, “…education should not be intended to make you comfortable, it is meant to make you think“. Learning something new is difficult which is why it’s common to develop existing knowledge, rather than learn something new and unfamiliar. The consequences of this mean we often inadvertently create our own educational echo chambers.

These echo chambers lead us to become narrow in our focus rather than broad and outward looking. Subsequently we can find ourselves using outdated treatments and rejecting evidence based approaches. By trying something new we can adopt flexible reasoning from different specialities and schools of thought. Furthermore as our population ages, acuity of conditions increase alongside growing lists of co-morbidities the more flexible we become the better suited we are to treat the populations we serve.

We recognise the challenges learning something new and unfamiliar brings which is why we are giving you one weeks free access to all 378 courses on Physioplus platform (redeemable until the end of January 2021). This way it won’t cost you a penny to push your boundaries and try something new for 2022.

Learn Something New for 2022 (for free)