How To Be Environmentally Sustainable as Healthcare Professionals

Have you thought about what happens to therabands after you’ve given one to a patient?

From how patients get to their appoints to what equipment you give them to perform their exercises, there are numerous ways your decision making in clinical practice affects the environment. It’s not all bad news as this means there are changes you can make to your everyday work which can be positive for the environment.

In this new course, exclusive to Physioplus, Srishti Banerjee will guide you through ways you can think differently about your practice and expand your mindset to include the environment into your clinical reasoning.

Course Instructor

Srishti is interested in the mental health aspects of physiotherapy care and looking beyond the realms of traditional physiotherapy

Dr Srishti Banerjee specialises in neuro physiotherapy. She is currently working as an assistant professor at L.J Institute of Physiotherapy in Ahmedabad, India. Srishti is an executive committee member at the Environmental Physiotherapy Association. Her research interests include pathophysiology, clinical manifestations and rehabilitation in rare neurological disorders.

The Course – Sustainable Healthcare and Environmental Physiotherapy

Sustainable Healthcare and Environmental Physiotherapy
Climate change and sustainability are at the forefront of current events. According to the United Nations, we are experiencing accelerated global warming due to human activities and it will take a united effort to slow this trend. Hypothetically if global health care was a country, it would be considered to be the fifth-largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. As healthcare professionals, we must expand the concept of ‘do no harm’ to our planet, and physiotherapists are uniquely situated to help decrease healthcare’s carbon footprint and the release of pharmaceutical pollutants into the world’s water cycle.

Do No Harm & Care for The Environment

There Are More Ways to Learn How To Be Environmentally Sustainable in Your Clinical Practice

On physioplus and Physiopedia we are keen to do what we can to help physiotherapy become an environmentally sustainable profession. This is why we collaborated with the Environmental Physiotherapy Association whose mission is to help is all envision, explore, enhance, and employ environmental physiotherapy during our clinical practice.

Through this partnership the EPA has created some exclusive content which is available for you on Physioplus. The details are available below.

Environmental Physiotherapy Programme
Environmental physiotherapy is an emerging field in our profession that applies across physiotherapy research, practice and education. It builds on the recognition that human health and functioning depend on a supportive social and natural environment. Environmental physiotherapy is grounded in an in-depth exploration of the relationship between health, society, environment and physiotherapy in all of its facets. Fostering both environmental awareness and responsibility, the aim is to advance the physiotherapy profession to make significant contributions to planetary health and wellbeing in a manner that recognises the inseparable nature of today’s environmental, social and health challenges.

Meaningfully Contribute to Sustainability as a Physiotherapist