The Physioplus Forum “Adds an Extra Dimension to Your Learning Experience”

The forum during the 2021 Physiopedia MOOC added an extra layer of learning bespoke to Physioplus.

It’s been about a month since the 2021 Understanding Rehabilitation as a Health Strategy MOOC came to an end and as a Physiopedia team we’ve been reflecting on the success of another incredible PP MOOC. One of which was the incredible engagement across the Physioplus forums.

We have had thousands of forum comments and questions which have added an extra layer of depth to the learning opportunities on offer. With over 4,700+ posts across 20 discussion points, the conversations enabled participants to take their clinical reasoning to new heights.

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Offering a Different Perspective Not Ordinarily Available Elsewhere

When taking part in one dimensional online courses it can be hard to challenge your thinking and take your understanding to the next level. It’s frustrating when you have a burning question and are looking for an answer but you need to talk it through with someone, rather than google, and can’t find someone to help.

The forums were very integrating, involving different professionals in different countries, pooling together their experience and resources. – MOOC Participant

By adding a second dimension of participant interaction the Physioplus forums scratch that itch by enabling your questions to be answered by people in the moment. We saw this in action during the MOOC where the complex understanding and explanation of how rehabilitation differs around the world required a human element.

Participants were able to pool their knowledge together and change their perspectives of rehabilitation by sharing experiences across countries and professions.

A Diverse Unique Learning Experience

From a personal point of view, if I had to pick one topic which gathered the most interest and offered the most unique learning opportunity, it would have to be the case studies section of the forum.

The case studies have helped me learn how to overcome the barriers and challenges that many of us face when providing rehabilitation services around the world. Thanks to the forums and people sharing their experiences, I have learned many real-world creative solutions to improve access to rehab where I live and work.

“My favorite part was the discussion forum, it’s always nice to put your brain to work a little after retrieving so much insightful information.” – MOOC Participant

Another of the most thought-provoking forum thread was one which challenged participants understanding of the global needs for rehabilitation.

Course participants were asked to read the WHO Rehabilitation Needs Estimator Tool and share the rehabilitation needs of their community based on this tool. They also were asked to consider the impact this might have on their service provision over the next 5 years.

This forum really highlighted just how important our role as rehabilitation professionals is and will be in helping to maintain and improve quality of life.

I would really recommend that anyone interested in rehabilitation look at these posts to gain insight into the state of rehabilitation across the world. The forums stay active and Physioplus members can continue to read and contribute to the discussion points as they complete the courses in the future.