Get Your Personalised Course Recommendations

Looking for courses that are specifically geared towards your interests and goals?

Ever struggle deciding which course you need to take to improve your knowledge? With the new, bespoke Course Recommendations Feature on Physioplus we take the pain away by recommending courses based on your existing knowledge and skills that will take your career to new heights.

How to Activate Course Recommendations

If you are new to the platform there will be a prompt at the top of your screen to complete the onboarding survey. This can be found underneath the navigation pane at the top of your screen. You can also find the survey by going to your dashboard and then clicking on the recommendations tab.

Follow the link to the survey and complete the questions about your knowledge, skills and aspirations to calculate your unique recommendations. Make sure you select 5 topics of interest to you to increase the accuracy of your experience.

Once completed, follow the prompt to go back to the Course Recommendations tab. Recommended courses on each of your interests will be displayed, starting with the Top Picks.

The Top Picks are based on all your choices, which includes the foundational or introductory courses to get started on each topic.

You can redo the onboarding survey anytime to keep your learning up to date with your evolving goals and interests.