Physiopedia One Page Project | Improving Accessiblity to Health Information One Page at a Time

In 2020 Physiopedia launched the One Page Project.  This new project opened up a new avenue for every physiotherapist to share their knowledge with the global Physiotherapy community.

With over 4,000 content pages and 4 million page views a month, we need you to help us keep up to date with the latest evidence and update our pages as useful to our audience as possible.

Physiopedia is a charity, not-for-profit organisation, and we rely upon a group of committed volunteers to help us keep on top of making sure our pages are up to our high standards and useful to clinicians and patients alike.

As our resources and audience grow it is becoming more challenging to keep on top of making our resources the best that they can and we need your help to make sure Physiopedia remains free and as awesome as ever. This is where the One Page project comes in.

Why become part of the One Page Project family?

Perhaps you are looking for a new challenge, want to take ownership of a page related to your specialty or just want to give something back to the Phyisopedia community, the One Page project has something for you.

From novice to expert every physiotherapist has something to share and we welcome any clinician to join Team Physiopedia. Our philosophy centres on making knowledge free and accessible to those who need it with the aim of helping others achieve independence to reach their maximum potential!

By sharing your knowledge you can help the global rehabilitation community who do not always have access to the latest information, research or resources. 

CPD Like No Other – Joining Team PP

There are many benefits of joining the Physiopedia team.  As well as feeling great about sharing your knowledge, being part of the One Page Project is also a great way to advance your digital skills, contributing to your continuing education and professional development as well as a great addition to your CV.

We will also guide you through our short editing course which we have developed especially for the One Page project team. We know you are busy so we created this course so that it can be completed in your own time anywhere you have an internet connection.

If this sounds like the challenge you have been looking for, contact us to find out more and register to become part of this awesome project.

Join The One Page Team Today

Just follow the link above and drop us an email saying that you’re interested and we can talk some more!