Top Tips Tuesday | The weekly email for the rehabilitation community

What is Top Tips Tuesday?

At Physiopedia we strive to provide universal access to rehabilitation knowledge. We value sharing and we love to help. And that’s how Top Tips Tuesday came about. This weekly newsletter is put together by rehabilitation professionals for the whole rehabilitation community. We know how many amazing resources our community produces, and that can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, so let us help you to discover a few nuggets, in a short manageable dose.

“Top tips Tuesday is the best email I get because it’s relevant and to the point”

– Anna, Physiotherapist in the UK

What can you expect from Top Tips Tuesday?

A short weekly curated email with 5 bullet points of news stories, resources and musings, plus a dose of inspiration. Each bullet will point you to information or resources that are freely available, related to practicing in rehabilitation, and globally relevant. It’s powered by the Physiopedia community and there is no other agenda. We will even let you know how long you need to set aside to make the most of each of the resources, so you can use your time wisely.

We strive to provide a huge variety of resources, from infographics to podcasts, from social media nuggets to inspirational stories and we do our best to hunt out some of the lesser known sources too. We also welcome input from you – if you see any awesome resources that you think other rehabilitation professionals would enjoy then please send them to us and we will include those that we love too.

Check out this recent issue here so you can see what we’re all about

How do you sign up for Top Tips Tuesday?

You can sign up quickly and easily and start receiving your dose of inspiration next week.

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