Physiotherapy and Refugee Education Project Final Event (Free Conference)

We are happy to invite you to the free, digital final event for the awesome Physiotherapy and Refugees Education Project (PREP) on the 24th of June.

PREP has been an incredible project to be a part of and one which will make a lasting difference to many lives around the world. To celebrate the project achievements and find out more about the new ground which has been broken join us for our final event.

On June the 24th a joint digital conference will be held where PREP and the Transcontinental Nurse Project will come together and present and discuss the two projects. You will hear about the four stages of the PREP project and how your physiotherapy practice will change as a result.

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Why Is PREP Important?

The demography of Europe is changing. There is a significant migration of refugees fleeing violence and persecution who make the tortuous journey towards Europe. While many arrive through Greece and along the Mediterranean coast, the goal of the displaced populations is not to remain there. Most make their way to Scandinavia seeking a better life, employment, education and acceptance.

Due to the tortuous conditions in their home country as well as the toll of the journey across Europe, the refugees are likely to be suffer from poor overall health. They are also susceptible to picking up diseases and illnesses along the way during their battle to safety.

From a rehabilitation and health perspective this population struggle to have their health needs met in their new countries, particularly from a physiotherapy perspective. As a profession we know very little about the knowledge, skills and competencies that we need to enable our colleagues around the continent to help those who who really need us. This is why PREP was created to help answer these questions.

Speakers & Event Programme

The event schedule is rfully loaded with amazing speakers. There are three not-to-be-missed keynote speakers with Milton Bennett opening the event, Almudena Nevado speaking after lunch and Gulbu Tanriverdi closing.

Between the main speakers there are two simultaneous sessions running one focussing on the transcontinental nursing project and the other on PREP. There is also a really interesting round table discussion taking place with nurses and physiotherapists discussing the development of cultural competence.

Key-note speakers:

  1. Milton J Bennett: “Developing cultural competence”
  2. Almudena Nevado: “Bringing down the Babel Tower”
  3. Gulbu Tanriverdi: “Transcultural care in Turkey”

PREP Sessions:

  1. PREP in Context
  2. PREP and Learning
  3. PREP in Physiotherapy
  4. PREP in Health
  5. PREP in the Future

How to Sign Up for This Free Event

To sign up for the event and recieve your registration details all you have to do it either fill out this form or head over to the event information page and fill out the form there. One you recieve your login information you will be able to log in and check out the extra resources available to you.

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