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Explore the long-term consequences and management of COVID-19 with Darren Brown. 

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Around one in ten people who contract coronavirus (COVID-19) will experience long-term consequences, otherwise known as Long COVID. Long COVID is the umbrella term used for the wide range of symptoms reported in patients with issues related to COVID-19 that last for 12 weeks or more.

These symptoms involve many different body systems. A better understanding of the underlying pathologies and the impact of the disease on individuals and their functioning is needed in order to best guide our physiotherapy management of Long COVID.

Due to the heterogeneous population, the wide range of symptoms reported and the lack of sufficient evidence, interventions for the physical therapy management of Long COVID are still highly debated and should be individualised and risk-stratified.

The purpose of this course is to deep dive into our understanding of Long COVID and its debilitating impact as well as showing you how to apply the latest evidence into practice.