Improve Your Knowledge of Special Tests | Physiopedia Topic of the Month

February was another busy month for the team and as usually we set ourselves an exciting challenge.  We decided to focus on updating and creating pages on Special Tests.

With almost 4,000 pages of physiotherapy / physical therapy content on Physiopedia the team is constantly looking for any missing pages, new  information, formatting errors and the latest evidence to create and update Physiopedia pages.  We have even added images and videos to improve the learning experience.

As well as working on individual pages we also choose a topic to focus on as a team!  This month it was Special Tests!  Special tests are an important part of physiotherapy practice and can guide us to diagnosis and treatment.  We all want to ensure that we are using the best approach to assist our patient’s speedy recovery a, whether that is pain free daily activities and chores or returning to sports.

Special Tests have been developed for every joint and many conditions and choosing the right one can be very confusing.  Our team created and reviewed pages, making sure that they have all the latest evidence and clearly identify the population they are intended for.

If you often wonder which test to use, then this is for you. But don’t just take my word for it, you can see some of the pages our team created and reviewed below:

This is just a brief list of all the pages that were created and reviewed this month.  Why not find a quiet corner, grab a cup of coffee and have a browse through the Special Tests, there are too many pages to discuss them all here!

We aim to review as many pages as possible each month and create pages  that are needed but if you see pages that need improving or creating, not just on the topic of the month, please feel free to contact us with your comments. Physiopedia is a resource created by physiotherapists for physiotherapists. Your feedback is necessary and always welcome.

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