Dysfunctional Breathing and Respiratory Muscle Training Online Courses | Updated and Revised Courses on Physioplus

At Physioplus we are committed to making sure our courses are revised and updated regularly for our members. The latest courses to be updated are the Dysfunctional Breathing and Respiratory Muscle Training courses.

Research has demonstrated that exercising to increase the strength and endurance of the respiratory muscles can improve many long term health conditions such as back pain and falls. In these two revised  and updated physioplus courses you will learn how to recognise and assess breathing pattern disorders as well as create a treatment plan which includes respiratory muscle training exercises. By putting what you learn in these courses into practice you will enable your patients to unlock their physical performance potential.

This course has been created by the Physioplus Team who are a ground of international physiotherapists who work across a number of different specialities. Therefore this course contains information relevant to you no matter where you work from COVID-19 wards to paediatrics and older people to surgical wards this course has some clinical take homes for everyone.

The Updated Courses

Dysfunctional Breathing
Dysfunctional breathing is defined as chronic or recurrent changes in breathing patterns that cause significant respiratory and non-respiratory complaints. Around 10 percent of people are diagnosed with hyperventilation syndrome. However, many more individuals have subtle, but clinically significant breathing pattern disorders (BPD). Symptoms of BPDs are varied and can mimic serious illnesses, including cardiovascular disease. They have also been linked to musculoskeletal complaints, including back pain and pelvic issues, as well as anxiety. Having an understanding of BPDs is, therefore, essential for physiotherapists to ensure that we can effectively manage this condition.

Recognise & Treat Dysfunctional Breathing

Respiratory Muscle Training
Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) is a method of training that aims to improve the function of the respiratory muscles through specific exercises. This type of training has wide-ranging benefits, from improving performance in athletes to enhancing function in patients with chronic conditions like COPD or heart failure. Because the respiratory muscles are also essential for postural control and core stability, RMT can improve conditions like back pain and reduce falls risk. An understanding of this technique can, therefore, enhance the practice of physiotherapists from a range of backgrounds.

Strengthen Your Patient’s Performance