Virtual Placement Opportunities for Physiotherapy Students | Collaborate with Physiopedia and Physioplus

Physiopedia and Physiopedia Plus (Physioplus) are helping Universities and Students overcome the challenge of disruption to clinical placements by offering alternative virtual placements during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we move through the beginning of 2021 and into a third surge of COVID-19 infections around the world Physiotherapy Students and Universities are still trying to recoup the lost clinical and teaching time lost during the first and second waves. Even with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in full force throughout the world the lost clinical and education time will be felt for many months and even years to come.

Physiopedia is first and foremost an educational organisation and students make up a huge part of our community both in terms of users and volunteers. This is why we are committed to helping out wherever we can in recouping lost clinical and educational time by offering alternative, forward thinking and collaborative alternative virtual placement opportunities.

We are already helping many Universities pivot and shift rapidly towards virtual placement opportunities by offering our expertise in the fields of remote working, universal access to high quality education and creation of bespoke online learning opportunities. We can do this in a number of ways through our learning platforms Physiopedia and Physioplus.

Opportunities on Physiopedia

Physiopedia is the largest and most popular physiotherapy website in the world (#48 health and medicine website) and has a proven track record of delivering bespoke learning opportunities to physiotherapy students of all levels of study from around the world. Our Content Development Projects are the most well known and utilise bespoke learning options with successful projects previously being run with many Universities around the world.

We offer three different content development projects for professional organisations, hospitals and clinics and education institutions. To find out more you can visit the CDP page on Physiopedia.

In summary Content Development Projects:

  • are a great way to share and promote knowledge with peers, clinicians and future employers.  It is better than producing work that will sit in a drawer or on a shelf collecting dust.
  • provide a means for early-career professional publication
  • can be edited and published without the knowledge of specialist web skills

Examples of Content Development Projects include:

Written high quality case studies often feature as the academic component of Physiopedia placements and collaborations. To pass an assignment it must meet all detailed requirements and the standards are high.

Kim Jackson is the Physiopedia Content Manager and oversees the CDPs and case studies.

The students are held to a high level academic standards and often achieve post-graduate level of output by the end of the project. We use guidelines and a supportive environment to allow the students to flourish and maximise their potential. Case studies are written in English, between 1,000 and 3,000 words, include at least 5 high quality references and include a detailed description of the literature search, discussion section and a clinical conclusion to evidence clinical reasoning.

The students have access to a case study template for them to follow to ensure that they keep on track and consolidate their learning which can be tailored to each Higher Education Institution’s requirements.

Additionally, just as with the CSP, HEE and regional AHP Faculties, Physiopedia offers unique insight into project management, networking, education and team working that students might not otherwise be exposed to. If you have an idea then we’d love to work with you to make it happen.

Contact Rachael Lowe to Discuss a PP Collaboration

Opportunities on Physioplus

Physioplus is a unique and bespoke learning platform designed with physiotherapists in mind. There are over 250 courses available created by internationally renowned experts offering students insights into advanced clinical reasoning and frameworks they would usually wait years to encounter. The value Physioplus offers to students is reflected by that fact that universities worldwide are integrating Physioplus courses into their curriculum. As Physioplus is powered by Physiopedia the placements would have access to all of the expert infrastructure and organisation that Physiopedia is known for.

There are exciting new opportunities for students to not only become a part of but the driving force of new initiatives. Part of Physioplus’ mission is a commitment to provide sustainable high quality CPD to low and middle income countries. Students on placement with Physioplus would involve putting their awareness of contemporary issues of our profession into a global context, something few organisations are able to offer.

It is well accepted that digital and online learning is going to be a part of all of our professional development. Physioplus is at the forefront of this movement and is paving the way for what is possible. For a student to be a part of this is a unique opportunity at an early stage of their career has the potential to transform their understanding and development in ways not possible before the pandemic.

In summary Physioplus can offer students:

  • an insight into learning architecture and educational theory through peer reviewing educational content
  • an opportunity to learn about topics otherwise not part of the traditional placement curriculum. A similar (and pandemic friendly!) experience to an elective placement
  • an opportunity to reflect on lifelong learning opportunities and how online and face to face learning can be blended together
  • a unique chance to put contemporary issues of our profession in a global context with particular emphasis on sustainable education in low and middle income settings
  • a facilitated simulation-style experience can be offered through the tele-rehab solution available unique to Physioplus members.

There are many more opportunities and we are keen to sit down and brainstorm with you to discuss what is possible. The Physioplus and Physiopedia teams know students would rather be on placement in person however, whilst that is not possible we are here and ready to help.

Contact Rachael Lowe to Discuss