What Physiotherapists Need to Know About Diet | Don’t Underestimate The Role of Diet and Nutrition in Patient Recovery

You can easily optimise your patients’ outcomes by improving your understanding of the relationship between common diseases and diet. Cut through the misinformation with this new course created by a Dietician AND Physiotherapist.

A good, healthy well balanced diet is an important weapon in the combat of many aspects of health. Recovery from acute illness, stability of long term conditions, participation in rehabilitation and prevention of many non-communicable diseases are all concequences of getting the right food and nutriants into the right people. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation when it comes to the topic of diet and nutrients.

Here at Physioplus we are righting this wrong with our brand new course entitled Nutrition Relevancy in Physiotherapy created by a one of a kind clinician Patrick Berner.

Top Diet Tips for Physiotherapists

Courses Created by Expert Patrick Berner

Patrick is both a Registered Dietitian AND Physiotherapist which means he is exactly the person who can best communicate what you need to know as a physio who is interested in learning more about nutrition. His expertise across both professions means he can translate the research and facts into case studies and examples that speak to you.

At the end of Patrick’s course you will be able to:

  • discuss the role of nutritional support for a range of conditions
  • explain the relevance of nutrition to physiotherapy
  • describe which nutrients can have a positive or negative effect on a range of commonly encountered diseases and conditions
  • select an appropriate management strategy for patients with suboptimal diets based on a case scenario

This course really will shine a light on exactly what you need to know about diet and nutrition.