Physioplus 2020 Review | Building on Foundations and Reaching for the Moon in 2021

We will remember 2020 as a year when digital platforms and online technologies were given a huge unexpected boost.  The world leant to Zoom, the elderly became tech savvy and distant families were brought closer together; workers realised that they could be more productive working from home, or anywhere for that matter;  students and teachers suffered the transition of their classrooms to online platforms.

This didn’t pass us by at Physioplus, the demand for online learning almost became overwhelming.  In particular we realised that in the midst of the craziness of the unfolding pandemic we were able to help, to make a difference.  So, in early March we set about creating educational content on COVID-19 to share with physiotherapists worldwide.

We made a difference:

We had never really considered ourselves as emergency responders before but learning from the COVID-19 experience we recognised other circumstances where we can make a difference:

  • The devastating explosion in Beirut created a need for rehabilitation knowledge to be shared and in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross and Humanity & Inclusion several online courses specific to this need were created – all physiotherapists in Lebanon have free access to these courses.

In addition to all of this work carried on as normal to develop new content and build community among our team, our members and topic specialists around the world.

We built community and content:

We will reach for the moon:

In our Physiopedia round up for 2020 I highlighted how last year was about coping.  We leant a lot as a team, we explored our boundaries and in times of distance we grew closer and stronger.  This, alongside the continued success of Physiopedia and the USAID grant that we have been awarded, sets a strong foundation for Physioplus to reach for the moon in 2021. With the one aim, to elevate standards of rehabilitation practice worldwide, we will be creating an internationally relevant curriculum, filling that curriculum with online courses and supporting organisations to use the online courses in a blended learning capacity for workforce development.

We will support equitable and inclusive education:

The Physiopedia Plus (Physioplus) mission is to provide accessible and inclusive quality rehabilitation education and professional development.  We visualise Physioplus as the go-to place for all rehabilitation professionals to base their professional development and lifelong learning.  In addition to this it is the revenue generating part of the Physiopedia project that supports all the charitable work that we do, including keeping the Physiopedia website free for all to access and giving people in low income countries free access to Physioplus.

You can too:

Your Physioplus subscription funds free access to Physioplus for a physiotherapist in a low income country.

Consider joining Physioplus in 2021 as a contribution to developing physiotherapy knowledge and standards of practice worldwide.