Physiopedia Annual Report | Looking Back, Looking Forward

An unprecidented year which was made easier by an unprecidented level of commitment and devotion to a single cause from a team like no other.

2020 has been a challenge to say the least but it is a challenge the entire Physiopedia team has stepped up to and exceeded expectation. The Physiopedia Team is made up of committed and dedicated volunteers that are clinicians first and foremost. They have not only been helping those around the world most affected by COVID-19 they have been continually updating and creating new content for clinicians to continue learning admidst the pandemic.

Nowhere else in the world does there exist the same commitment to a central mission than here at Physiopedia. The Trustees and Founding team are absolutely speechless at the achievements of the team this year. Thank you all so much for being part of our #GlobalPT community of users and volunteers.

Here’s to a bigger and better 2021.

Year in Numbers

Physiopedia grew in every aspect this year. This is beatufiully summed up by Rachael Lowe.

In 2019 Physiopedia activiy retained a similar trajectory, more volunteers, more edits, more projects, more quality evidence based content, serving the global physiotherapy professions’ thirst for knowledge.

Below is a snapshot of the key numbers

  • 3,611 physiopedia pages
  • 261,599 page edits
  • 60 Volunteers
  • 1.8 million users a month
  • 4.5 million page views a month
  • Average user spends 2 minutes on each page they view
  • 350,000 views of the COVID-19 course content

It’s going ot be hard to achieve more than this next year but we will.

Looking to The Future

Throughout 2021 the Physiopedia team aims to surpass the achievements of 2020 and maximise on the momentum achieved this year. Expect big things with a renewed focus on developing bespoke content through partnerships with Universities, Clinics and Professional Orgranisations.

This could be through Content Development Projects or individualsed curation of educational content like our Top Tips Tuesday email. Our mission is to provide universal and equitable access to all physiotherapy knowledge so if you have a need get in touch.

This has been a snapshot of what Physiopedia has achieved this year. You can read the entire annual report via the link below.

Physiopedia Annual Report