Unlock Your Career Potential | A Guide for Physiotherapists

Starting your career, changing specialities and moving places of work can all trigger an opportunity to plan the next stages of your career. This is a guide to help you make the most of every opportunity and progress to the next level.

Consistency is The Key to Unlock Your Potential

Careers are long and opportunities are immense especially in an ever changing and evolving healthcare landscape. It’s important to remember that careers are individual and definitely not a race. Everyone is different and therefore opportunities, pace and catalysts are often different for each of us. The only commonality between us all is that consistency is the key to success.

Brad Stulberg, the author of Peak Performance: Elevate you game, avoid burnout and thrive with the new science of success talks a lot about consistency being the most important trait to success, even more so than being heroic.

  • Heroic efforts take a huge toll emotionally, physically, and cognitively. They are not sustainable. This is a boom and bust approach and fast track to burnout. There are times for heroic efforts but they should be treated as a finite resource than is extremely expensive.
  • Consistent efforts compound over time again and again to make you great. Luck will find you, oportunities will present themselves and this is how cream rises to the top. Be that go to person, stay in your lane and use your super skill.

Build Your Resilience to Burnout

Consistency is often the thread that creates career continuity and the most important part of career progression – reputation. Reputations are built on having a few consistent super-strengths whilst having a background level of proficiency across the board. Always remember that your reputation has much more impact on your life than what you actually do.

Super strengths are the things you are known and recommended for. They don’t emerge on their own, effort and energy is required to cultivate the skills you choose to become your super-strength. Like all skills you need to know when and how to use them and the art is knowing how to use you super skill in each situation.

Don’t Shortcut Your Super Skill

It’s easy to get distracted by the latest techniques or methods when we are looking for new avenues to explore in our careers. Often this is the case when we are lacking a clear plan or using the heroic method approach to get ahead. Shiny new toys often promise us a short cut to our aspirations but they are bad at building consistency and a strong and reliable reputation.

Common examples include the latest diet that will make you lose weight quicker then ever before or a new ab exercise that will quickly give you the six pack of your dreams and make you look like Ryan Reynolds. As with all examples of SNTS syndrome it isn’t the item that will transform your career it is the habits, beliefs and basic principles which will.

This goes for patients lives too, not just our own. If you want to transform their lives it won’t be the latest shiny toy that does it. It will be your therapeutic relationship, your advice, education and exercise choices that does. It’s not the magic theragun that is the hero of our profession, the evidence based basics are, and will always continue to be our ultimate treatment choice. Stick to these foundations and you will always succeed wherever your career takes you.

Make one of the foundations of our profession or your speciality your super-skill, invest and cultivate and be patient and you’ll reap the rewards and emerge as an expert and truly unlock your potential.