World PT Day 2020 – Coronavirus Rehabilitation

Our World PT day pledge is that our coronavirus MOOC is available for free until the end of 2020.

Happy world PT day! World PT day is an opportunity for physiotherapists from all over the world to raise awareness about the crucial contribution the profession makes to keeping people well, mobile and independent. This year the theme is coronavirus rehabilitation.

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Earlier in the year Physiopedia released a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled “Coronavirus Disease Programme” via the Physioplus online learning platform. This MOOC aimed to provide practicing physiotherapists with the knowledge, practices and skills to allow them to play a proactive role in global and local efforts to reduce the impact of this pandemic. The Coronavirus disease programme will stay open as a free course available to anyone until the end 2020, so why not check the 4 courses which make up the programme now?

Coronavirus Course Report

Today Physiopedia has published all of the details of the Coronavirus Disease Programme in a report (Physiopedia does the same with all of the MOOCs). The report is available for anyone to read and it is a celebration of the scope and reach of the Physiopedia MOOCs.

Coronavirus MOOC Report

The MOOCs Physiopedia creates each year are a huge undertaking and wouldn’t be possible without all of the hard work of the content contributors, so thank you to all involved! It was a rapid response and turnaround from the team which makes the achievement even more impressive.

This year a huge number of people visited and engaged with the course content and they came from over 200 countries. The completion and retention rates for each of the courses as well as both qualitative and quantitative feedback are available for you to read in the report. The most important part of the report is that over 90% of participants agreed that after completing the programme they had a better understanding of the clinical presentation, diagnosis, management and prevention of COVID-19. Their understanding of infection prevention and control and the procedures and policies for hand hygiene and personal protective equipment also improved.

There are a number of follow up courses available on Physioplus specifically looking at coronavirus rehabilitation so make sure you check it out!

COVID-19 Post-Acute Rehabilitation
People with severe COVID-19 infection have rehabilitation needs in the acute, post-acute and long-term phases of the disease. Many people who have suffered from COVID-19 may now be at risk of long-term impairment or disability. Physiotherapists are critical to the rehabilitation efforts in all phases of this disease. Rehabilitation has a positive effect on health and functioning outcomes, it improves recovery and can reduce disability, it may facilitate early discharge and reduce the risk of readmission. Physiotherapists also play a key role in supporting and empowering people through rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation is Key to Long Term Recovery

World PT Day 2020 Recources

World Physiotherapy have released their new World PT Day toolkit which contained booklets, posters, infographics and more in as many languages as you can think of!

Please remember to adhere to your local social distancing rules if you are planning to hold events.