The Best of Physiospot This Month

It’s been a busy month as ever on Physiospot and a sample of the best is listed below for you to get stuck in to. There is one post I would like to draw your attention to: What is Physiopedia all about? There is a part of this post that we should share more often. Every subscription to Physioplus helps to support free access to the online education at Physioplus to those in low-income countries and discounted access to those in middle-income countries. This is a really important for us at Physiopedia. We are passionate about giving people on opposite sides of the world access to the same great learning resources, and removing financial barriers to learning wherever possible.

What Are The effects of Foam Rolling? Article of The Week #4

This research post summarised the outcome of a systematic review of foam rolling. In essence the review suggests that there is a positive effect on range of motion in the short term however the longer-term benefits are unknown and yet to be quantified. There is little evidence to suggest that there is a performance enhancing effect in the athetic population. Overall it is probably useful to aid recovery but not likely to be more effective than other common modalities such as stretching or heat.

What does it look like when Physiopedia sets out to submit abstracts to WCPT 2021?

IT can be hard to co-ordinate a team of Physiopedia Volunteers when we work remotely but we all do an excellent job and can’t wait to see you at Congress!

The Toronto Concussion Study. Article of The Week #3

There hasn’t been much work done on investigating the long term recovery trajectories in balance performance in the general population following concussion. More work is definitely needed however the results from this 12 week longitudinal study is that recovery is variable and does not follow a well definied trajectory. It can also be said that recovery in the general population differs from a sportsperson / athletic background which suggests different rehab protocols or approach to rehab should be different.

What is Physiopedia all about? Community, sharing knowledge, supporting our profession and having fun!

Physiopedia is a charity, a not-for profit organisation run by a team of volunteers. All funds that we raise go directly towards achieving our mission. We educate, we build community and we advocate for our profession. Every month, over 2 million individuals from nearly every country in the world learn from the Physiopedia website. Empowering physiotherapists, other rehabilitation professionals and the health seeking public with knowledge means better health care, improved functioning and reduced disability around the world.

Competencies for Physiotherapist Working with Refugees

Our article titled “Core competencies for physiotherapists working with refugees: a scoping review” was published in Physiotherapy this summer, and until September 6th, 2020, anyone can access the full-text version of the article using the link within the post.