ICYMI – July

There are some important posts to draw your attention to this month. The first one to point you towards reading is the news posts published towards th start of the month explaining that the WCPT has been rebranded to World Physiotherapy. This is a big move and an understated but important moment in the history of our profession. To me it seems that there is a definitive shift in the physio/physical therapist debate at the core of the rebrand.

NEW Brand for WCPT. Welcome World Physiotherapy

We have a lot to celebrate at Physiopedia this month with the annual awards being announced. Congratulations to all of the award winners and nominees, without your hard work we wouldn’t be able to produce the amazing content Physiopedia offers. Speaking of which one of the pages is featured at the bottom of this post – The PEACE & LOVE Approach. Definitely take a look.

The Management of Soft Tissue Injuries – a PEACE and LOVE approach

Physiopedia Awards Programme 2020 – Special Announcement!

Finally just point you towards two other posts, the first is a research post taking a different stance on manual therapy and the last is a brand new course available on Physioplus showing how you can make telehealth more effective working with a paeds population.

Manual Therapy Causes Work Place Injury

Do Telehealth Solutions Work for Paediatric Clinics?