Topic of the Month – Oncology

It has been another busy month reviewing and creating pages for the Physiopedia Content Team. With over 3,000 pages of physiotherapy / physical therapy content this is no mean feat but to help keep us focused every month we choose a topic to review. This enables us to keep improving all of our existing pages as well as creating new ones. The team focuses on updating references and ensuring there are no formatting errors but most important of all the search for the latest evidence and update the pages accordingly. In July the team decided to concentrate their efforts on Oncology.

As a profession dedicated to helping people manage pain, increase function and reach their maximum potential physiotherapists are an essential member of the multi-disciplinary team when it comes to cancer care and rehabilitation. Physiotherapists play a key role in the rehabilitation and management of patients with cancer and palliative care needs.

The team have created some awesome pages and made lots of edits to some of our current pages. They have updated references, found videos and images to improve the learning experience, but don’t take my word for it, you can see some of the pages our team reviewed below:

You can also browse through our oncology category, it currently has over 50 pages covering a vast range of topics, and the category is growing. Why not find a quiet corner, grab a cup of coffee and have a browse, there is so much information covering topics such as types of cancer,  protocols, and interventions and treatment.

We aim to review as many pages as possible each month and create pages that are needed but if you see pages that need improving or creating, not just on the topic of the month, please feel free to contact us with your comments. Physiopedia is a resource created by physiotherapists for physiotherapists. Your feedback is necessary and always welcome.

If you would like to learn more why not visit Physioplus and sign up for the Prostate Cancer Programme.  A series of short courses that discusses Prostrate Cancer – the most common cancer affecting men all over the world.

Prostate Cancer Programme