Learn How to Analyse Gait with Physioplus and Matthieu Haentjens

Understanding data obtained from gait analysis and its use in research and clinical practice.

Analysing gait is one of those parts of the job that never gets any easier. This is because walking is a complex interplay of the nervous, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems and affected by age, personality, mood and a whole host of other factors. The more you know the more you don’t know when it comes to gait analysis and this makes it difficult to know what is important to focus on in an assessment and then for rehab. Luckily Matthieu Haentjens is on hand to help you understand what’s what with gait analysis.

Instrumented Gait Analysis
Gait analysis is used by physiotherapists in research and clinical practice and has useful applications in many conditions. Clinically, visual gait analysis using a smartphone or a tablet camera is an easy and quick method but this simplified approach does have limitations. Alternatively, instrumented gait analysis offers accurate and detailed information on various gait parameters. In this course, you will learn about different methods of instrumented gait analysis, and the related interpretation and clinical applications of the generated data.

Combine Gait Analaysis and Tech in This Awesome Course