Latest Telehealth Consultation Platform Available in Physioplus

Simple and easy to use, the new telehealth feature in Physioplus, which includes exercise software, online consultation options and patient management tools,  will have all of your video consultation and treatment needs covered.

What’s New?

The Physiopedia Plus team have been busy behind the scenes creating the industry leading integrated Education, professional development and telehealth platform and we have some exciting new features to announce.

Make Your Organisation COVID-19 Safe

In these unprecedented times Physioplus has your telehealth video consultations and e-learning needs covered. Physioplus is able to quickly shift your organisation to become online ready and COVID-19 safe ensuring your business and patients can get back up and running as soon as possible.

For some clinicians, video consultations are straight forward and for others a steep learning curve is required. Physioplus caters for everyone with an easy to use and customisable platform incorporating some top features.

Top Tier Features

There is a step by step guide available to make sure you know how to use the platform which demonstrates how easy it is to get up and running.

Tired of Having to Log on to Multiple Accounts and Programmes?

With Physioplus all it takes is one click! Along the banner at the top of your Physioplus click new “Exercises” link to be taken straight to the telehealth section. See your productivity boost immediately!

Want a Clean and Professional Look?
The combination of Physioplus branding and the familiar look of RehabMyPatient offer a  clean and professional look which is unrivalled.  The simplicity means that all of your clinicians will feel at home using the software regardless of the tech they are using. Laptop, Mac, iPad or mobile, the experience is straightforward enabling efficient use of time and minimal training.

Combine this with the Telehealth Masterclass Programme which is available on Physioplus, your team will utilise all of the features and every aspect of your subscription offering excellent value for money.

Quick and Straightforward Organisation
Schedule your rehab sessions with ease and integrate with your chosen email client to make sure your patients are notified ahead of time to minimise non-attendance. Combine that with the ability for your clients to take part in sessions from any camera and microphone enabled device your attendance will further be boosted.

Clients access consultations via a single automatically generated link, similar to Zoom, which makes the entire process straightforward and seamless. With extra features such as recording the session, feedback and second opinions can easily be gained from colleagues, further enriching the clinician and user experience.

The video resolution is clear and the size is maximised to enable you and the patient to easily see what is happening enabling clear verbal communication and avoiding awkward repetition.

Templates, Exercises &Videos 
With more than 3000 exercises with HD videos, which have been created by experts in the physiotherapy and strength and conditioning world, all of your treatment choices are readily available.  But don’t worry if the image or video you are looking for isn’t available  as you can create your own bespoke exercise images and videos. Through our platform you get to give the patients the individual approach they deserve.

To make treatment selection quick and easy there are a number of pre-populated evidence based templates to use for specific conditions. As with the exercises, if there isn’t the template you’re looking for or you feel like the template is missing your individual touch, you can alter, amend and improve upon what is already there.

As you can see from the Achilles Tendinopathy Programme advice sheets are also included and, as with exercises and programmes, you can easily edit these too. Add a further professional touch with the ability to add your own clinic logo and email style in the settings tab.

The New Gold Standard

Physioplus truly is the gold standard for integration of all of your continuing education, professional development and telehealth needs for your organisation. It is setting the benchmark for what is possible in the physiotherapy IT space and you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to transform your practice. Try the free 2 week trial account now, after all who wouldn’t want to be a Physioplus PRO?

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