Physiopedia App Update

The awesome Physiopedia App has been update to include some exciting new features.

New and exciting features have been added to the Physiopedia App making it even easier to access CPD on the go. New additions will transform your commute by using the narrate feature which makes the app read the content to you! Additionally sharing pages is easier with the additon of a share button  and QR codes.

The Physiopedia app is free and brings all of Physiopedia’s articles, which have been beautifully optimised for mobile, to your fingertips.  The app is free however there is an optional, but worthwhile, low cost monthly subscription which allows you to add unlimited articles to your own personal list of favorites within the app. These bookmarked articles are then just one tap away and are also downloaded for offline viewing. Ideal for the busy clinical environment where time is short and internet access cannot be guaranteed.


Some of the great free features include ‘Article of the Day’ where there is a new exciting high quality page for you to read daily. Perfect for a small dose of CPD or great for that inspirational spark when on the go or when waiting for patients to arrive.

The Premium Update

The new updates are for premium members and include some seriously useful additions such as:

  • Play icon – narrates article text – great for using your commute as an opportunity to get some quick CPD in
  • Share icon – reveals iOS share panel to share article URL by social media, email etc
  • QR code icon – reveals a QR code that shares the article URL that can be scanned by other device cameras
  • Settings page accessed by the app menu – Allows the selection of the narration voice used and narration speed.

Don’t just take our word for how good the app is! Below are some reviews of the app written by the physiotherapy community which explain why it is a must have for physiotherapists working in any setting.


What an amazing app. All the information you could ever want at your fingertips and more. Each topic has links so if you want to you can investigate further. This is the best source of physio information I have come across in my quest for knowledge and answers!

I recognise this as an incredibly powerful resource. This changes how in a Low-and-Middle-Income-Countries (LAMIC) we can access current, best-practice knowledge. This allows the development of the profession globally in a consistent and reliable way… I can see this will become a regular go-to resource. Great job Physiopedia!

Clinically useful and based in science! I have been waiting for an App like this for a long time. I work both in a clinic and as a researcher and Physiopedia meets my needs in both worlds. Easy to use, cutting-edge scientific information and connects me to other health care providers around the world. Great App, highly recommend it!

OMG this is amazing, everything I need. Thanks for the app very very helpful….

The app is really easy to download from both the App Store and Google Play in fact just follow the links to the relevant store below. Once you’ve downloaded the app and had a look around don’t forget to like and leave a review.

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