Do You Want to Be Part of a Global Team Creating Resources for Refugee Rehabilitation?

The PREP Content Development Project is looking for volunteers to develop content and anyone is welcome.

Content development projects have been central to the growth of the expert resources which can be found on Physiopedia since launch in 2009. Physiopedia, being a wiki (a collection of web pages that are collaboratively edited), relies on your expertise to create the project content. Examples of previous projects include: anatomy, coronavirus and traumatic brain injury but the list extends to over 40 topics!

Our latest project is the Physiotherapy and Refugee Education Project (PREP) which aims to develop content related to refuge help. The project page can be found here and we are looking for volunteers to help create the content which will form part of the PREP online course which will take place from 18th January 2021.

The main articles we are looking to create are:

  1. Understadning the Refugee Experience
  2. Refugee Rights
  3. Refugee Health
  4. Effective Communication with People with Refugee Experience
  5. Physiotherapy for People with Refugee Experience
  6. Cultural Competence in Refugee Context
  7. Complex Scenarios Involving PEople with Refugee Experience
  8. Mental Health and Refugees
  9. Experience of Physiotherapist Working with People with Refugee Experience
  10. Global Challenges Relating to the Refugee Experience

So if you think you can lend your expertise and knowledge to this incredible project please email Rachel Lowe now!

What is PREP Important?

The demography of Europe is changing. There is a significant migration of refugees fleeing violence and persecution who make the tortuous journey towards Europe. While many arrive through Greece and along the Mediterranean coast, the goal of the displaced populations is not to remain there. Most make their way to Scandinavia seeking a better life, employment, education and acceptance.

Due to the tortuous conditions in their home country as well as the toll of the journey across Europe, the refugees are likely to be suffer from poor overall health. They are also susceptible to picking up diseases and illnesses along the way during their battle to safety.

From a rehabilitation and health perspective this population struggle to have their health needs met in their new countries, particularly from a physiotherapy perspective. As a profession we know very little about the knowledge, skills and competencies that we need to enable our colleagues around the continent to help those who who really need us.

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