#PPE4PT WCPT Launches Advocacy Campaign for Access to PPE

Today the WCPT has launched a campaign to gain access to PPE for physiotherapists around the world – make sure you use #PPE4PT on soical media to make sure you voice is heard.

PPE stocks hit the headlines on a near hourly basis at the moment. As stocks violently fluctuate the supply and demand of PPE just cannot be met. This is putting physiotherapists at risk – as well as other healthcare professionals.

Through the launch of this campaign the WCPT are advocating on our #globalPT behalf so make sure you get involved as soon as possible and help buil momentum.

PPE includes many different levels of equipment and each provides a different level of protection. We have a newly updated and refreshed Physiopedia page explaining the different types, when you would use then and how to don and doff. Remember that PPE is only as good as you are at putting it on and taking it off.

Below is WCPT CEO Jonathon Kruger talking about the #PPE4PT campaign.

The WCPT has some excellent resources you need to check out, they are centered around best practice with PPE and recommendations around airborne and droplet protection.

Our member organisations are telling us their members are being encouraged to see patients without having the appropriate level of personal protective equipment. This is risky and unacceptable. The lack of personal protective equipment increases the risk physiotherapists will contract this disease at their workplaces. – Jonathon Kruger.

WCPT’s #PPE4PT advocacy campaign pack includes videos, letters, factsheets, and a toolkit. The campaign materials are available in English, French, and Spanish and can be found here.