Respiratory physiotherapy in patients with COVID-19 infection in acute setting: a Position Paper of the ARIR

The Italian Association of Respiratory Physiotherapists (ARIR) has produced a position statement for the acute management of COVID-19 and is a must read for anyone working in the acute setting, and is available in English for free at the link below.

In the article they cover a brief summary of a physio’s perspective and then move onto best practice guidance for all stages of managing a deteriorating patient incorporating infection control reasoning at every stage. Regardless of whether you are a respiratory physiotherapist by background or being redeployed because of shifting workforce needs this article is definitely appropriate for you. It is easy to read and contains the absolute essentials we all need to know.

For starts the fact that nasal cannulae can increase the dispersion of droplets and therefore a simple face mask should be used as offers protection against this, is absolutely essential knowledge. Then add into the mix that any treatments which increase the work of breathing should not be used in the acute phase or used sparingly due to potentially increasing the risk of acute respiratory failure also under pins why this is an essential read.

Definitely take the time to read the article in full, I won’t do it injustice by paraphrasing such good work. Head below now!