Thanking the WCPT for Their Generous Support of the Physiopedia COVID-19 Response

The world is experiencing an unprecedented global pandemic. Physiotherapists and physical therapists all over the world are being called upon to assist in a wide variety of different ways from working with acute patients in ICU, caring for quarantined individuals in the community and in the rehabilitation of individuals recovering from the virus.

In order to help clinicians rise to meet these exceptional demands upon the global profession, Physiopedia has responded with the rapid development of a COVID19 Toolkit of free online resources, courses and university access to Physioplus.

To support open access and make sure physiotherapists and physical therapists continue to be able to share relevant knowledge, information, and resources, we plan to  make the online COVID-19 programme of 4 courses available for free until the end of the year, and are also providing support for universities with free access to Physioplus to assist in the transition to remote teaching for three months.

We have been able to do all this through the generous support of World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT).

Physiopedia has been a professional partner of WCPT since 2013 and the two organisations regularly meet to share ideas, projects, ambitions and coffee! Over the next few months Physiopedia and WCPT will continue to collaborate and share knowledge relating to COVID-19, in order to support the global physiotherapy profession through this very challenging period.

Check out the COVID-19 resources